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Introduction: Wind Powers Everything

This is fun science project that is cheap and you learn a little bit and you get to power your USB device!

How cool is that!?

I hope you like it. Please vote for me.

Step 1: Unplug Everything From the Wall and Prepare to Be BLOWN AWAY!

Get off the grid!

Step 2: Get These Parts...

Computer fan $14

MintyBoost kit $19.50 (

Wind $0

Step 3: Connect the Parts

2 wires! Just hook em up!

The MintyBoost will get it's power from the fan and control the output to a USB device.

You will get 500 amps at 5 V out if you put the wind into the MintyBoost.

(We do think you could do this with a transistor for less money but the MintyBoost has all the parts and connection for the USB. Just so you know, we don't work for the MintyBoost people!)

Step 4: Plug in Your USB Device.

Step 5: Get Some Wind, Dude!

I made a mount for the car window and cushioned it with tape so it wont hurt the window, but SEE OUR VIDEO to get more ideas. It says it all!



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    By 500 amps don't you mean milliamps?

    The only improvement this project needs is an improved surface area for catching the wind. Converting the fan to a turbine is a great idea. If there's a way to get bigger blades on this project, I'll bet you could sustain 9v and peak at 12v consistently - depending on the fan!

    How is this related to audio though, I'm kind of confused.

    Thanks for your concern but TOTALLY WORKS DUDE.

    This is a great idea, but I don't think it would be very effective, because the fan is so small, and can't pick up enough wind.

    Brilliant!!! I finally have the technology to fuel my rocket and finally get off this planet. You definitely have my vote!!!

    1 reply

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTE! How much do I owe you?

    Does the mintyboost raise the voltage of the usb output to 5v? How much output can you get from that computer fan? Most computer fans don't allow you to use them as generators.

    1 reply

    I think the mintyboost turns your input energy into 5v as long as it has enough coming in!

    As for the fan, this one worked.

    Thanks! Yes! milliamps not amps!

    (I am not a rocket scientist! I'm just regular dude who wants to charge my phone!)


    "You will get 500 amps at 5 V out if you put the wind into the MintyBoost."

    [*] Only if a hurricane is available. And you use a really big USB connector.

    Terrific application of a great concept, Henry! You've got this cousin's vote!

    It's a good idea for using wind energy. I voted on you.