Picture of Wind Turbine
for our second year assignment we were asked to create a wind turbine with a budget of £50. With the aim to generate the most amount of power. we had seven weeks to come up with the "Albatross Wind Generator"
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Step 1: The Hub

Picture of The Hub
For this step you will need:
80mm length of wood 50mm*50mm
65mm length steel rod 8mm
1 inexpensive had held drill

To create the blade hub we took an 80mm piece of wood, and used the lathe to create an 80mm cylinder witch was rounded at one end with a diameter of 40mm. We then drilled a 50mm deep hole with an 8mm diameter into the flat end and inserted a 65mm steel bar such that it would protrude at the end. We then need to drill 6 more holes around the outside of the hub, 2 lines of three 6mm holes; these will be used to attach the blades.

Step 2: The Gear Box

Picture of The Gear Box
For this step you will need:
An inexpensive hand held drill
a small motor

In order to convert our rotational energy to electrical energy we must link the motor to the blades, and use it as a generator.
To do this we me must remove the main body of the screwdriver and take the head off. 
Inside you will find a 2 layer planetary gearbox. The ratio of this gearbox is 1:36 so we need to adjust this if we want the turbine to spin. In order to lower the ratio we will remove one layer of the gears. the new layer will be 6:1.
Using a metal rotary saw we were able to cut the outer gearing in half, this allowed for the shaft of the motor to connect with the central gear.
Clean, lubricate and reattach the gear box to the chuck, we will use this to attach the hub.
We now have the gear box and blade attachment for our turbine.
Never thought to cut the gear box in half, great idea. I have often thought that an old cordless would make a good generator but knew you could never get the wind to turn the motor thru that much gearing. I will be trying this when I find that drill I was saving ... .... ...THANKS!