Wind Turbine Model Construction That Generates Real Electricity

Picture of Wind Turbine Model Construction That Generates Real Electricity
Hi everyone i am Swachhand, this instructable will show you how to make a wind turbine model that generates REAL electricity.....

This Is My First Instructable........
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Step 1: Gathering Parts

Picture of Gathering Parts
Parts Required :

1.) 25mm Venetian blind louvre (8 cm) 8 pieces required - for turbine blades
2.) 6mm wooden dowel (8 cm) 8 pieces required - for blade arms
3.) 10mm Polyethylene (Cutting board or similar) [40mm diameter] 1 piece required - for turbine hub
4.) 25mm PVC electrical conduit (210mm) 1 piece required - for swinging arm
5.) Hobby Motor - Low torque (Nominal 3 Volts) 1 piece required - for generator
6.) 25mm wooden dowel (260 mm) 1 piece required - for support tower
7.) 20mm MDF (140mm sq) 1 piece required - for base
8.) Banana Socket (To suit multimeter leads) 2 pieces required
9.) 3mm Plastic sheet or stiff card (100mm x 30mm) 1 piece required - for tail fin
10.) Hookup wire (500 mm long) 2 pieces required
11.) Digital Multimeter
12.) Retaining screw to secure motor (3mm x 10mm long with lock nut)

Tools Required :

1.) screw driver
2.) solder iron
3.) drilling machine

Step 2: Blade Construction

Picture of Blade Construction
Blades made from venetian blind louvres. (Be careful of sharp edges when cutting).
If louvres are not available, blades may be carefully cut from margarine containers or similar.

Arms are made from wooden dowel with slits cut in one end. When blades are inserted, use glue gun or PVA glue to hold in position.

Central disk has been cut from a polyethylene cutting board using a fret saw or turned in a lathe if available.

Carefully drill radial holes at 45 degrees spacing around the hub. These need to be a snug fit with the wooden dowels

Adjust the angle of the blades by twisting the arms, thereby altering the efficiency and output of the wind turbine.

Drill a small hole in the centre of the hub to be a snug fit onto the shaft of the generator.
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Please answer Quickly because i had to submit this project on coming Friday.

Can this motor can generate enough power to light up a small LED bulb because the one which i had made is not able to do so.

ENDERMAN00910 months ago

Cool thanks for the info

it's very simple and constructive... i like it

Robb70121 year ago
would it be possible to make your own wind turbine generator
rkelly152 years ago
Where would some one buy these materials?
this is a good research project for scaling and studying turbine in a wind tunnel
br819543 years ago
Will this create enough energy to charge my phone?
jrmG4Frii4 years ago
i think we need more details on "how to Steps"
Motordude4 years ago
how much volts do u recken a five volt motor can generate. Plus ur wind turbine is nice.
kir3605 years ago
How much Power can we get from this model?
hmmmm maybe 1 to 2 volts and some mili amp.....
arcane2rox5 years ago
If your young and you are here at this website it's a good thing it means your bettering yourself early!
Hellchild5 years ago
if this is a Wind Turbine Model Construction That Generates Real Electricity. what is a Wind Turbine Model Construction That Generates Fake Electricity?
ReCreate5 years ago
So i guess that this produced about 1 volt in a tornado of wind,right? Those motors aren't to good generators,You Should use A Stepper Motor,They can generate up to 30 volts,And Up tp 10 Volts just by spinning it by hand,But the Electricity Is in AC,You need to Follow a simple schematic to harvest electricity from them,I hope you find it useful.
thats what I did and I managed to charge a capacitor with 25volts and when I shorted it, it made a plesing spark! XD
I don't like sparks...They freak me out
it scared me when it first happened. i accidentally shorted the leads and bam!
Ha,yes,i still freak out even if i am expecting it,its hard to get used to a sudden BAM
yeah thats so true when your messing with disposable cameras, I hate how they 're just waiting for you to touck the leads... they are watching us!!!!
must..........touch capacitor leads......ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAP!......ouch
Yes,and for that 50 miliseconds that you think that they are touching,when they arent,its like"Hey,its not charged?" And then BAM
ive fallen for that atleast 4 times :(
But now,we have a secret weapon,A 5Kohm resistor and alligator clips! Now,We will never be startled again! HAHA(evil laugh goes here)
Yay I finally programmed my arduino to laugh hysterically for me!
I still have nightmares about my defibrillator firing full power as it is set at that output. Very rude way to wake up I'm telling ya! There's a blinding flash in your eyes, full body contraction, and your brain gets hit like a sledge hammer along with your chest. Imagine all your arteries and veins acting like conduits, then you can imagine a high powered stun gun discharge wired directly to your heart.

I've been hit 11 times full power now. I now have what they call phantom shocks. I wake up from what feels like a very real shock, but it never happened.
Yes, I know exactly when it is about to fire.
Hi - would a stepper motor from a flatbed scanner do the trick?
Hi, I have taken the stepper motor from an old flatbed scanner (it was smaller than I thought it was going to be), and there are 5 wires (black, red, yellow, orange and brown). I connected up the red and the black to my multimeter and put the cog in a hand-held drill and spun it. I get a random reading if I spin it slowly, but if I increase the speed the reading drops to 00.1 or 00.2. Is this what I should expect?
Actually whilst rummaging around I found a bigger motor with more torque. It's a 120v 60hz 4watt motor. I wired the two red wires (it only had two wires) into my breadboard with a resistor and a red LED, attached my chordless drill, spun it up and sure enough I have a nice bright LED firing up. I naughtilly took out the resistor expecting the LED to get VERY bright, but it simly stays the same brightness. When I attach my multimeter it seems to generate up to 60v. Would using this motor be easier than the stepper motor from the scanner or should I still go with that one?
Sure. :)
what amp diode or does it matter?
What amp diode? Any Diode should Work, Just as long as it can handle the Current/Voltage. One amp and 50V should do.
swachhand (author)  ReCreate5 years ago
its just a MODEL of a wind turbine!!! not a real one!!!!
And did i ever say that this is for a real one? This is also For a model wind turbine that uses steppers to generate more electricity.
What about using a AC/DC transformer? Couldnt one easily be made? PM me any ideas you have, you've peaked/piqued my interest... -PKT
Yes but it will turn the 30 volt AC electricity to a tenth of a volt DC with so little current that it can't drive an LED,And it COULD be made,just not easily,in fact,it would be very hard,if not impossible
and the schematic is easy,you only need 8 diodes(LEDS wont work),and i found 14 in a PSU
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