Wanted to rig up a few (Small) DC Motor Wind Turbines 2 or 3,in order to gather energy from the sudden and very windy conditions here in the UK Sunlight is..not so harvest worthy as the wind..many cloudy and dull days will not gather anywhere near as much energy as it would from Direct Sunlight,so a combination of small units of both seem the way to go,frequent heavy storms with high winds lead me to the desire to harvest some power from these storm cells that are all too regular an occurrence thesedays.  

Will be linked as to Charge A Duel AA Battery Pack,or other recycled battery,i will be using a 3.7v recycled battery charged by 2 small scale wind turbines which will be static,with no pivot mechanism to follow wind direction changes as such repositioning will be required,but not to often,or just set it up in a funnel area,corner of a building that wind likes to spiral around upon working its way around other such buildings.

Step 1: Parts Needed (all Scavenged)

All the parts needed will be scavenged from various things,and the whole unit will be completely cost free,apart from some time and a little effort not even that much.

x2/3 Small Model DC Motors,or other small scale motor (x1)3volt & (x1)3.5volt.. (extracted mine from broken toys and floppy disk drives)

Thin lightweight,but strong,PVC Tubing about 1.5ft per turbine will be needed (i found mine thrown outside an abandoned house covered in slugs and such wash them off with a hose when you get home) 

A broken Venetian Window Blind,one of the slats will be used for turbine blades and cut to shape.if not available use other plastic material try avoid card as weathering will destroy them quickly. (found around the home,or skips etc)

HotGlue and Gun,or Superglue,Just avoid water soluble glues,and glues that take weeks to dry..(a silicon gun would be better just an idea)

Wood or Plastic for the Base of Each Turbine,nothing fancy here,just a flat base to attach the 1.5ft turbine pole to add some ground stability and weight.alternatively you could use guide lines if high winds are expected.

Electronic components tools and parts: x1Blocking Diode(Optional),Some Wire (scavenged from a old power supply),Solder and Iron/gun,(voltage regulator,only needed with higher power motors) A Battery Holder,2 AA Batterys,1 L.E.D Green(optional),(Toroid bead for making a joule thief,needed for low wind speeds)(optional) 

(Old PC's An TVs i collected nearly every component i needed from inside these which were found around the streets in skips and corners) battery's recycled from dead phones,AA Batteries from Old Solar Lights,Battery Holders can be acquired from the same place most people have one around the place already,if not just fashion one from a cut up aluminium can tape and some wires.

<p>anyone who made it please make a video for better understanding</p><p>well cool stuff .....</p>
<p>Looks nice....<br>you could use stepper motors to get more volts but they will require more wind...</p>
<p>Yeah i intended on using a larger more powerful motor with slower rpm,but had trouble finding an old printer for the motor.</p>
If u put this in the shape of a V like the way birds fly u can have the wind current flow through them better
<p>Yeah i know at an angle,I was working with what i had,and that plastic blind material snaps rather then bends,would work much more efficient with a better blade design and material however like you suggest. </p>

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