At the end of this instruction guide you will be the proud owner of a skybound picture taking contraption. Most of the materials are things you can find for free or around your house. This is a kite photography rig with which you can take pictures as never seen before at 360 degrees. Happy building!

Tool List

hack saw
wood saw
stanley knife

Materials List

4 metres of string
1 fruit box
metal ring
music box
nuts bolts and washers
bike chain
small screws
ball for weight

Step 1: Step 1

Chop the ruler into 5 cm sections, drill a hole in centre at 2.5cm (from end) and 7.5cm, fold in half at right angles.
<p>I think this instructable would have benefitted from having a photo of the finished article at the beginning</p>
Can you please add some photos of the scene for me?
Of the scene? you mean more of the making process or some examples of what it takes from a kite?
No, the aerial scene from the kite, I want to see the pictures from the kite.
I have entered it into a competition and am worried if i change it i might get disqualified or something might happen, if you wip over to here http://www.flickr.com/photos/82177032@N03/sets/72157630484661496/ there's a couple of photos I've taken from a kite you can see though.
Thank you very much! I love those photos and now I am going to make one.
Very nice - I like the addition of the rotating deck for the camera
Thank you! Your swing that doubles as a pump is i think my favourite instructable I've seen on this site so far.
This is a cool bit of engineering. Great job with the drawings.

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