At the end of this instruction guide you will be the proud owner of a skybound picture taking contraption. Most of the materials are things you can find for free or around your house. This is a kite photography rig with which you can take pictures as never seen before at 360 degrees. Happy building!

Tool List

hack saw
wood saw
stanley knife

Materials List

4 metres of string
1 fruit box
metal ring
music box
nuts bolts and washers
bike chain
small screws
ball for weight

Step 1: Step 1

Chop the ruler into 5 cm sections, drill a hole in centre at 2.5cm (from end) and 7.5cm, fold in half at right angles.
Can you please add some photos of the scene for me?
Of the scene? you mean more of the making process or some examples of what it takes from a kite?
No, the aerial scene from the kite, I want to see the pictures from the kite.
I have entered it into a competition and am worried if i change it i might get disqualified or something might happen, if you wip over to here http://www.flickr.com/photos/82177032@N03/sets/72157630484661496/ there's a couple of photos I've taken from a kite you can see though.
Thank you very much! I love those photos and now I am going to make one.
Very nice - I like the addition of the rotating deck for the camera
Thank you! Your swing that doubles as a pump is i think my favourite instructable I've seen on this site so far.
This is a cool bit of engineering. Great job with the drawings.

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