Wind Up Plastic Bottle Submarine

Picture of Wind Up Plastic Bottle Submarine
2013 16:54.jpg
This is an oldie, and I guess probably originated as a variation on the wind up elastic planes.

It's fairly simple, and a great one to do with kids.

Date made: June 2013
Approx Cost: £0 (recycled materials)
Approx Time: 0.5 to 1hr
Difficulty: Easy
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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
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2013 16:54.jpg
2013 16:54.jpg
2013 16:54.jpg
2013 16:54.jpg
Materials you will need are:

*2no bottles (I used one 500ml for the propeller, and one 600ml for the body, but you could experiment with different sizes and shapes)
*3no elastic bands
*2no paper clips
*1no piece of wood about 150mm long (maybe an old broken ruler? I ended up using 2 plant markers)
*1no bead

Tools you will need:

*knife or scissors (I used a combination of both)
*drill or some sort of punch (I used a 2mm drill bit)
*long piece of hooked wire (coat hanger?)
*random tools for bending the body paper clip (you'll see!)

Step 2: Propeller

Picture of Propeller
2013 16:54.jpg
2013 16:54.jpg
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2013 16:54.jpg
2013 16:54.jpg
2013 16:54.jpg
2013 16:54.jpg
2013 16:54.jpg
2013 16:54.jpg
2013 16:54.jpg
2013 16:54.jpg
2013 16:54.jpg
Take one bottle (ideally with big ridges on the bottom) and cut the bottom off.

Cut holes in one side of each ridge (the same side on each). This will give you a propeller shape as per the photos.

Then drill a hole in the middle of the propeller and the other bottles cap, just big enough for a paper clip. Drill an offset hole in the propeller to lock off the paper clip too.

Next bend the paper clip and feed it through the cap and the propellor as shown in the photos. I ended up using a bead between the propeller and the cap to reduce the friction.
riddus1 year ago
I did this for my two year old son to play with in the bathtub. I used six rubber bands between the nose and the prop, but it spun the bottle because my "wings" were too short and I used a very buoyant wood. I work in a metal fab shop, so I'm going to try making him a longer wing from a thin ga. metal tomorrow. Overall a fun idea, mine just needs a few tweaks.
Mr_o_uk (author)  riddus1 year ago
Multiple elastic bands is a good idea. Making the wings wider should help as well as making them longer.
whoohoo1 year ago
I couldn't find a drill so I used some kind of geometry tool heated on a candle.
Anyways it's cool so I voted for it in the toy contest
Mr_o_uk (author)  whoohoo1 year ago
Good idea. A heated wire might be a good way to cut the propeller as well. Would make nice neat cuts through the thick plastic.

Obviously without burning yourself!!!
Neat stuff!
(You can use the YouTube share>embed tool to get the iframe code and paste it into the Instructables editor under . That way your videos show up here!)
Mr_o_uk (author)  mikeasaurus1 year ago
Embedded. Thanks, that was easier than I thought it was going to be.
Mr_o_uk (author)  mikeasaurus1 year ago
Thanks, I didn't realise you could do that. I will have to give it try...