Introduction: Wind Energy in Afghanisatn

I am intending to promot the wind energy in Afghanistan. Could some body help me in this endeavour. The first step would be to buy an already made wind turbine. I have read in another site that some people can sell to me for some already made for cheaper price.By empowering rural communities and bring them some thing new can be a good thing to fight the terrorism.


froggfish (author)2012-04-05

Have a look at

kwazai (author)2012-03-20

I'm kind of a fan of 'spinning junk' and like the 'cretan sailmill' types- performance similar( a little better) to a savonius for pumping water.

various pumps down on the page-

my own spinning junk-

and another toy-(not hooked up to anything, could also be solar powered..)-

kwazai (author)2012-03-20

some other things you may want to look at -you would want to keep in mind that its not always electricity you are after-

a couple of diagrams with the basics-
they could even be solar driven-

cheap versions of these (similar to einsteins refrigeration patents) can be found propane powered in RVs- probably could easily convert to solar with concrete parabolic dishes
concrete looks to be the easiest(cheapest) way to get a very big dish- maybe a little TiO ceiling paint on a very large dish. for steam it would just be a large trough instead of a dish.

I know (for whatever reasons) Afghanistan has trouble getting major water projects off the ground-these are simpler

Water is probably a lot more important than electricity is at first.

kwazai (author)2012-03-20

Sooner or later you'll want to know more about whats involved in making your own-


Fuzz666 (author)2012-01-29

build a community center, offer them a place to wash(clothes and themself), to cook cleaner food, offer them a faster way to take care of their field. teach them math, physic, better agriculture... point them out projects they could start. they don't need much beside been shown what they could do themself. I've seen the markets and they do have all the parts they need to build their own wind power generator.

EcoExpatMike (author)2011-11-03

I LOVE the spray paint oopsie (the paint "dripped" to make the sign just a tad better)...

EcoExpatMike (author)2011-11-03

1) Afghanistan is NOT in the middle east. It's in south west asia. Neither are Iran & Pakistan. Muslim does NOT equal middle eastern.

2) Sunlight energy would be nice, but you have to BUY solar panels and the return per cost should be weighed vs wind. I have been working in Afghanistan (both on the economy & on bases) since 2003 so I can attest that there is a HECK of a lot of wind everywhere I've been (except Kabul)...

3) I would STRONGLY suggest you search out "wind turbine" here on Instructables and THEN go from there. I'd guess that IF you have a "free" generator/ alternator then you could "Afghan Engineer" the rest pretty easily. This is a pretty cool one for example

A good name (author)2009-07-21

You might be better off with Solar panels. It's quite sunny in the Middle East, no?

Yes,it is very sunny in middle east!

nomooremr.niceguy (author)2009-07-08

Do you have a rough idea of the cost?

Eieneson (author)2008-02-22

Where are you located in Afganistan? Do you have access to new materials or are you going to build a wind turbine out of used trash?

Tinker83 (author)2007-11-11

people are less inclined to make extreme decisions when they aren't under extreme circumstances. if you were to help a group of people to better their circumstances, they would have something to focus on other than the bad things in life. its called hope.

LinuxH4x0r (author)2007-09-20

Check out vertical axis wind turbines. (VAWT) They can be made with oil barrels and other found parts.

beardy (author)2007-08-22

Don't give up. Check out William Kamkwamba's blog from Malawi.

Slantedvu (author)2006-12-20

If a small wind turbine or several small ones would work for your purposes, you might check out It sells small wind turbines made from modified truck alternators. Might be something to at least get you started.

Edgar (author)2006-12-13

The Boy Mechanic

In the above link I've found the plans for a stationary windmill, a thing you just assemble and let it catch wind from whatever direction, so it has the least number of moving parts.

Had to see if it worked so I've done this:
Stationay windmill

As it works, it can be made big, linked to a gasoline generator's pulley, and generate wind power.

Maybe this will help.

Edgar (author)Edgar2006-12-14

Foun a better one, Chispito Wind Generator, right here on on Instructables!

Crash2108 (author)2006-08-22

Wow, great instructions, I really learned a lot.. And while were on suggestions, to those who run instructables: since there are some updates going on, why not add a forum for things like this?

Kirk (author)2006-07-01
free plans
these are for generating electricity
drag windmills are lower tech but suited to water pumping (but not electrical generation)
check your local library for books on wind power
lots of good stuff on internet as well.

nitroburn (author)2006-06-27 check it out

trebuchet03 (author)2006-06-25

If all you want to do is empower a community... a single turbine might do that, but probably not very cost effective... Now if you want to power a community... a single turbine surely will not do that. Well, depends on the size of the community and power requriements - but again, that's not cost effective if the community is tiny.

You're also going to need a low speed turbine as the average wind speeds are on the low side (Kabul for instance has an average of 8mph for the year charted over the past 9 years). Not really ideal for making large sums of energy.

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