Wind Turbine Mount Using Old Office Chair





Introduction: Wind Turbine Mount Using Old Office Chair

If you want to build a 'Yaw' axis for a micro Wind Turbine project and can recycle an old office chair, follow these instructions. Neat idea and an interesting challenge!

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:

Step 8:

Step 9:

Step 10: To Finish Off....

Step 11:

Components available @ and Ebay.



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    I am interested in hearing about other people's Wind and Solar projects and seeing what components you use. Let's get creative...........

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    With the bottom of the tube sealed and the stainless washer not sealed ,wont the tube fill with water?

    Nice. I hadn't thought of this. I want steel rods for a solar steam engine generator project.

    Thanks for your advice Hank, top tip for recycling the steel rods to make custom length bolts.

    Absolutely, place in a vice whilst working on it. Must admit, the first one I cut was not depressurised properly and the piston shot out the shed and half way up the garden, my neighbour thought a gun went off. Got a few of these steel rods, any ideas for their use?

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    I haven't checked them lately but I think mine are like 9 or 10mm diameter, but yeah, thread 'em and make custom length bolts, motor arbor extensions, just about anything a rod is used for, also being precision, they work well in bronze bearings for small linear actuation needs. The outer casings tend to, again, be made of high- quality steel, I just can't bring myself to turn them over to my recycle guy, I hoard them. ;-)

    I regularly depressurize chair seat gas springs, except I hold it in a vise, and using my angle grinder with a metal cutting disk I slightly graze it open in the top neck area, than finish the perimeter cut after de- gassing. Nitrogen is used so it's non- hazardous but still I do it outside. Save the piston rod, it is a fine grade of ground and polished steel, useful for other projects.