Step 1: Parts

I have used 2 old solar garden lights, a soldering iron, solder & the radio.
Once you have got your lights, save the battery from each, remove the solar cell from the top & then remove the LED, 2 large resistors, diode & wires form the circuit board.
The LED & resistors will be used to replace the bulb in the built in flash light section.

Kool stuff thanx....
great one.. extra bonus from gotwinds one (which I just loved) with the crank radio and light. What are the pros/cons to using the internal battery circuit to the "external ones"? Good work.
Great Instructable! Its the kind of thing I do in my spare time! Though, I would have put both batteries in parallel, had the dynamo and solar able to charge them both.
Hi, Glad that some one likes it… I didn’t wire the panel up with the original battery as the power output is quite poor. I may try linking the batteries in parallel but it does needs a lot of cranking to get a full charge or a summer of sun.. Regards

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