Step 2: Bulb Replacement

Remove the case of the radio & extract the bulb (This may be glued in & will need to be eased out).
Notice how in an effort to cut costs, the same coloured wires have been used for both positive & negative connections!
Once the bulb is out, fit the LED in its place (I connected wires to it first to identify the polarity (Flat edge to negative)) along with the resistors & then connect it to the original bulb wires (As I did not have a meter I had to trace the circuit path on the board for + & - connections)
I tested the first part of the mod with standard alkaline batteries to make sure it worked.
Kool stuff thanx....
great one.. extra bonus from gotwinds one (which I just loved) with the crank radio and light. What are the pros/cons to using the internal battery circuit to the "external ones"? Good work.
Great Instructable! Its the kind of thing I do in my spare time! Though, I would have put both batteries in parallel, had the dynamo and solar able to charge them both.
Hi, Glad that some one likes it… I didn’t wire the panel up with the original battery as the power output is quite poor. I may try linking the batteries in parallel but it does needs a lot of cranking to get a full charge or a summer of sun.. Regards

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