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Introduction: Windmill Water Feature

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I made the windmill out of mild steel. It has a bearing, allowing it to turn easily with the wind. The pond is made out of concrete and there is a submersible pump that sucks water out of the pond and through the spout of the windmill.

This thing is mesmerizing, you can stare at it for hours on end!



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    This will be great as part of a hydroponic system, not requiring a electrical waterpump.
    great idea

    This is really nice. I was trying to build something similar to aerate my backyard pond (repurposed 100-gallon stock tank) a few years ago but lacked the skills to make it work. Maybe I'll have another try at it.

    Since I don't weld I stand in AWE!! I'd love details on how you did this, as I'd like to do something similar in wood.

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    Thanks for your comment.

    I guess it's possible to make one out of wood, the benefit of steel is that it will last longer - I live in Johannesburg, South Africa and with our weather, wood suffers without almost constant maintenance.

    It was a little tricky setting up and getting all the blades welded to a thin wire guide at the same angle (or as close as possible).

    The next biggest challenge was finding a bearing that would allow the slightest breeze to turn the windmill.

    You could look at building a hybrid, using steel bearings for the core of the head of the windmill.

    Good luck - I'd like to see the finished product!

    Yeah that what I'd been thinking was the Core would be metal but use Wood for the Blades.