Picture of Window Aquaponics Garden
Aquarium Top.jpg
I got an Aquaponics Aquarium for my birthday from a really good friend but have recently gotten frustrated with how little growing room there was. I found the window farm aquaponics design here: and decided to give it a try. I decided to modify the design a little and use smaller bottles and to let the whole system pull from and drain back into the fish tank. If I was going to do this again I would get a standard 10 gallon fish tank to save on costs.

Required Materials:
$0.00-60.00 - 3-10 gallon fish tank -
$7.00 - 4 Gatoraide or similar bottles (I plan to eventually double this with two hanging pot strands) - Convenience store
$3.00 - Air Tubing Connectors -
$15.00 - 40+ Gallon Air Pump -
$5.50 - Air Tubing -
$4.00 - 3/4" or larger PVC Pipe - Hardware Store
$2.00 - 2 Elbow joints, 2 T joints, 4 caps/straight through connectors for PVC - Hardware store
$3.00 - Synthetic Ropes - Hardware Store

Recommended Materials:
$2.50 - 4 way gang valve with adjustment nozzles -
$4.50 - Check valve -

Recommended Tools:
Dremel with cutting bit
Leatherman or other small saw
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Step 1: Get Bottles, empty, and clean

I ended up buying some 28 oz Gatoraide bottles from my local convenience store for $1.50 each. I chose this particular bottle size/style because it had an easily removable lable, had a flat bottom with lips around the edge to catch drips, and because they were clear. Because I am impatient, I handed them all out to friends and had them down the contents before I washed them in the sink. I also removed the labels so that the bottles wouldn't look so tacky and so that they would let in more light at this step.