Step 5: Decrypting the Hashes

Picture of Decrypting the Hashes
There are many ways of decrypting the hashes Dictionary attack,Brute force and Rainbow tables.
1.I am going to use a set of online Rainbow tables plain-text.info
2.click add hash
3.paste the hash
4.select the hash type Windows usually uses lm hashes
5.enter security code
7.click search and paste your hash and click search
8.and your Done!
the upgraded xp's have changed the encryption type but i forgot what it is ( i think it has a "N' in it but im not for sure) so you can just google it to find out
If I recall correctly, the two types are NTLM and MD4.

It's quite a bit simpler to just go get the OphCrack live CD. It can break most people's passwords all by itself, and, even if it can't, it will parse the sam file for you and put the hashes in a neat list on the screen for use with whichever list site you like.