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Introduction: Window Pelmets

I make these for the old folks in the local sheltered house.
They like to cover window poles and rails.
Materials used are 6mm MDF, wood glue,panel pins, 15mm x15mm wood strips.

Step 1: Window Pelmets

I measure from the centre out and use a compass and free hand to draw the required shape.

Step 2: The Cutout

I use a scroll jigsaw to cut the shape out,
then use a sander to round off the edges.

Step 3: The Build

Glue and pin the top and sides to the front.
Sand down and undercoat with matt emulsion.

Step 4: Keep It Clean

You may require a couple of base coats.
I use old remnants of wallpaper  as dust sheets when painting.

Step 5: Hang Em High

I use angle brackets to secure the pelmets.

Step 6: It's Easy to Use

MDF is easy to use and shape and a great variety of styles can be created.



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