Window Screen Fastener From Office Binder Clip





Introduction: Window Screen Fastener From Office Binder Clip

We have an older home, with some of the screens that needed to be secured.  Normal fasteners attach between the rubber that secures the screening material and the screen frame itself.  They are very difficult to put in, and easy for our son to remove.  We used a medium sized office binder clip to secure the screen to the window sill.

We tried this after ordering a similar product that wasn't the right size.  We needed something a little larger.  This is much more economical, and easy to do - hope this helps someone :)



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    oh, I love you. Very simple but can solve big problem to me!

    Finally, after 3+ years, I can take "repair the window fastener" off the to do list. My wife thanks you, the landlord thanks you and I thank you.

    Im sure this would actually make it easier to put in tight screens also. Ha thats great! Hats off to you!

    Darciforrester - This is simple, practical, displays repurposing at its finest, and fits a common household need. Pure brilliance!!! Instructables needs to provide a prize for this one!

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    Glad I saw this I actually needed a "handle" for two
    Thanks, I would not have thought of this.

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