I moved into a new house about 6 months ago and my Aunt gave us a few extra packages of window sheers she had in case we needed them.  We didn't and they have been kicking around all that time.  I finally decided to open one up and take a look at them to see if they were thick enough to use for rags.  Turns out they are WAY to thin for rags but they had loops sewn into the tops and bottoms and each edge is nicely hemmed.  They are very similar to some DIY hammocks that I've seen online.

Click through to see the very few steps needed to make them.

Step 1: Material

Required material
Window Sheers, mine were 60" x 84" and came 2 per package
Thin rope "i had some paracord so that's what I used"
2 disposable rubber gloves - may not be required for your setup.
<p>Love it! Is the material soft or scratchy? </p><p>We do something similar with our bed sheets and paracord, and I hang them under their bunk beds. They just fit. With the proper amount of slack, as you've done here, kids can do alligator rolls in them and never fall out. Mine like to turn upside down and hang their heads down. It's really funny.</p>
It's very smooth material, not at all scratchy.<br><br>Yep, my kids do the same. They pull the sides over themselves and spin over so just their heads are hanging out.<br><br>These have even been washed a few times now and they are still in great shape.
Wowww ! So beautiful Sheer thanks for Review..

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