Repurpose an old window shutter into a chic mail sorter!  Its a great way to keep your mail organized and it makes great wall decor.

I live with 4 roommates and our mail piles up so quickly.  I made this as a solution to cut back on the clutter.

Step 1: Supplies

Window Shutter - you can find them a salvage yards, yard sales, on craigslist, freecycle, etc...
Paint - I used acrylic paint
Paint Brushes
Glue - I used Gorilla Glue
Drawer Handle - this was for an embellishment, feel free to get creative with your embellishment
Wire - to mount our shutter 

***There was a bar going down the center of the shutter that I removed so all of the shutter panels could move freely 306 degrees in any direction.  I did this so I would have more space to fit mail, but you will have to fix this later in the project.
I love this! I bought two shutters from a yard sale yeeeaaarrrrsss ago and was almost convinced to get rid of them since they sat in the garage the entire time but I changed my mind when I came upon your instructable! Can't wait to get started; I will now have two Christmas gifts to give away!
Thats awesome and makes me so happy! Make sure you post pictures!!<br /><br />:)
i love this idea <br>
Food for Thought-Cup hooks could be added on the white frame to hang your keys.
What a great idea! THx for posting!
What a Fab idea! It has got me thinking that I may try it .I have a couple of shutter doors I could utilize.Thanks for this one ****
I have a shutter that was repurposed into a phone directory about 15 years ago. Someone cross stitched across the top &quot;Blessed are the brief, for they have fewer phone bills.&quot; The shutter flips up to disclose all those important phone calls (we now carry all that on cell phones..cept me..lol) And to top it off, I mounted an antique reproduction phone next to it. We do answer phone calls on the phone at times , but for the most part, we quit using it about 5 years ago and its more so a decoration. Even though we still use land line phones in our house and I have penciled some more recent phone numbers in there, usually we get a call and its on the ID, so we just call them back. The phone works but has a push button system put in where it looks like a rotary phone, and there is a box for note paper and pencils. We added a 15ft chord to the french style phone hand set.
Great idea!!!
pure genius
Muy buena idea fantastico!!
So cute and inventive! What a great idea.

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