Step 3: Remove Excess Paint

I was a little lazy in painting the shutters and got a good amount of paint on the main frame.  Since the shutter is plastic I used some rubbing alcohol to remove the paint. 
This is so cute!! I love this idea! I found some old <a href="http://www.valleyinteriors.com/Residential_PopUp_Window_Shutters.html" rel="nofollow">window shutters in Phoenix</a> the other day and thought I'd keep them for some kind of craft and this is perfect! Thanks!!
What a creative and cool idea. I would love to have some thing like this in my home. I just had my shutters kitchener redone. I love them, but I don't know what to do with the older ones. I don't want to be wasteful. This is perfect. Thanks. (http://www.grahams.ca)
That is what I call a good use of <a href="http://www.grahams.ca" rel="nofollow">shutters Kitchener</a>. I'm really impressed with this! I really want to try it and give it to my sister at her upcoming birthday. She loves this kind of stuff and the old fashioned look, this is perfect, wish me luck!
I love this! I bought two shutters from a yard sale yeeeaaarrrrsss ago and was almost convinced to get rid of them since they sat in the garage the entire time but I changed my mind when I came upon your instructable! Can't wait to get started; I will now have two Christmas gifts to give away!
Thats awesome and makes me so happy! Make sure you post pictures!!<br /><br />:)
i love this idea <br>
Food for Thought-Cup hooks could be added on the white frame to hang your keys.
What a great idea! THx for posting!
What a Fab idea! It has got me thinking that I may try it .I have a couple of shutter doors I could utilize.Thanks for this one ****
I have a shutter that was repurposed into a phone directory about 15 years ago. Someone cross stitched across the top &quot;Blessed are the brief, for they have fewer phone bills.&quot; The shutter flips up to disclose all those important phone calls (we now carry all that on cell phones..cept me..lol) And to top it off, I mounted an antique reproduction phone next to it. We do answer phone calls on the phone at times , but for the most part, we quit using it about 5 years ago and its more so a decoration. Even though we still use land line phones in our house and I have penciled some more recent phone numbers in there, usually we get a call and its on the ID, so we just call them back. The phone works but has a push button system put in where it looks like a rotary phone, and there is a box for note paper and pencils. We added a 15ft chord to the french style phone hand set.
Great idea!!!
pure genius
Muy buena idea fantastico!!
So cute and inventive! What a great idea.

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