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Hi all,
I had a room on the Southside and I wanted a classic Window Shutter. Most of the new stuff is in PVC or very expensive wood. So I decide to build my own


Tongue-and-Groove Panels



Glue Wood treatment and color

Step 1:

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I cut the 3m panels in half and glued them together
I kept them together with tension belts

Step 2:

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I measured the size of the left and the right shutter and trimmed them to the right size
I painted them with Wood treatment an added the Z construction.

Step 3:

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I posed the shutters in the right place to mark the holes for the hinges

Step 4: Painting

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Then they were painted and after drying mounted.

The End.


I've build them Avril 2013 and they are still looking good ;)


ClenseYourPallet (author)2015-10-24

That really dressed up your window. Beautiful project

crispernakisan (author)2015-10-20

Yay, real shutters!
99.9% of the one I see around here are fake. I'm not even sure why anyone bothers.

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