Window Vent for Portable AC or Other Uses


Introduction: Window Vent for Portable AC or Other Uses

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There are 38 slides with pictures, instructions and dimensioned drawings. This can be a little tedious to make but does a great job for a long time. If you have to hook up a Portable Air Conditioner, Dryer, Fume Vent or other connection through a window, this will make a secure connection.

Step 1: Window Vent for Portable AC or Other Uses

Please view all 38 slides.

Thank You

Jim Maerzke

Procubed LLC

Step 2: Extra Detail Picture

This extra step shows the connection fit into a narrow "Vinyl Replacement window. Notice the clamps locking the vent to the window pane.



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    This looks like a great little vent!

    A little tip: With the number of slides you've got, this instructable would be much easier to read if you spread those out across numerous individual steps, perhaps with a couple photos in each. Just a thought! :)

    Welcome to the site, and thanks for sharing your first instructable!

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