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Introduction: Window on the Earth : LIVE FROM THE ISS

Oh, I love the fact that there are cameras on the International Space Station, and there is a 24/7 live feed and you can stream it to your local computer, but my favorite is using the feed as a screen saver, when the computer is on stand by. I have a 42" TV as my 'computer monitor' and lose myself in the image.

[Editors Note: This is LIVE, so the ISS may be in total darkness, or the NASA feed may be down.
Try again later, but don't complain.]

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Step 1: Having This on Your Own Computer Mac / PC

This Instructable will teach you how to have the live feed from NASA beamed directly to your computer.
First, here is the link to BOTH Mac and PCs (or just paste it into your browser).

This person has both the live feed and a map embedded showing the position of the ISS.

Step 2: Macintosh

Download the websaver:

Open the .dmg file and install the screensaver. If you have trouble, try these instructions:

Change the screensaver to websaver in System Preferences > Desktop & Screensaver. Open 'Screen Saver Options' and set the URL to

OSX users can choose to download and install the native screensaver files. These are slightly easier to install, but they don't include a map or the ability to switch feed.

Step 3: Instructions for Windows / PC

Download web-page-screensaver:

To install, right-click on the downloaded file and click 'Install', or save it into the Windows/System32 folder.

Change the screensaver to Web Page Screensaver in Screen properties. Open Settings and set the URL to

That's it! YOUR DONE!




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    2 Questions

    link for the windows webpage as screensaver program does not work.

    I can't find the .dmg file in the github download, like your instructions say. The website that you link to doesn't have the same file names as mine either.

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