Window Planter Made From Old Pallet. Window Sill Herb Garden





Introduction: Window Planter Made From Old Pallet. Window Sill Herb Garden

About: I like to make things from old pallets.

This is my first instructable,

I designed these (well not really designed), more cobbled together, when i was looking for uses for the off cuts of pallets that i didn't reuse for the climbing frame ive made. 

So yeah it took like 30 mins per one. cost about 50p. 

Step 1: Tools and Ting.

I used a mitre saw because im lazy and crap at sawing wood straight.
16mm spade bit to make a drainage hole.
Table saw
belt sander (again, because im lazy)

End of a pallet 
piece of wood which can serve as a base
some screws.

Step 2: Construction.

Its fairly self explanatory. I sanded down all the surfaces with a 40 grit sanding belt.

cut two pieces of wood the size of the holes. They aren't perfectly straight but it doesnt really matter.

Drilled two holes in each one after i screwed them in place.


Step 3: Wang a Bit of Varnish on It.

just something to postpone the rotting process, which is inevitable but at least it looks ok and fits onto a window.

fill with soil and seeds.


its a window sill herb garden made from a bit of an old pallet!!



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    Well done you! Your first Instructable! I found it easy to follow, with plenty of decent pics, in fact you have inspired me to 'attack' my pallet today! You are also very funny lol!

    thanks for the tip, ill give it a try, varnish is so expensive and smelly anyway! :D

    I do hope u used a clean pallet as many are treated with chemicals you likely dont want to eat.

    1 reply

    Yes, I completely agree. I would recommend lining the inside with some PVC or similar film material. I should really of included that in one of the steps.