This is my first instructable,

I designed these (well not really designed), more cobbled together, when i was looking for uses for the off cuts of pallets that i didn't reuse for the climbing frame ive made. 

So yeah it took like 30 mins per one. cost about 50p. 

Step 1: Tools and Ting.

I used a mitre saw because im lazy and crap at sawing wood straight.
16mm spade bit to make a drainage hole.
Table saw
belt sander (again, because im lazy)

End of a pallet 
piece of wood which can serve as a base
some screws.
Olive oil makes great natural varnish and gives one hell of a nice warm glow
thanks for the tip, ill give it a try, varnish is so expensive and smelly anyway! :D
I do hope u used a clean pallet as many are treated with chemicals you likely dont want to eat.
Yes, I completely agree. I would recommend lining the inside with some PVC or similar film material. I should really of included that in one of the steps.
awesome idea!
Great idea! It's the perfect size. :)

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Bio: I like to make things from old pallets.
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