Introduction: Window Stop From Old Computer

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I had a dead laptop lying around, and I wanted to upcycle it into something useful in my room. My window also would not stay open, so I hacked them together, allowing my window to be propped open by a laptop.

Step 1: Obtain a Laptop

Picture of Obtain a Laptop

Ask your friends if they have one, break one, find one in Best Buy's dumpster, etc.

This is the single most important step.

Step 2: Jam Laptop in Window

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Place the laptop between the window and window sill, and let the window put its weight onto the laptop, jamming it in place.

Step 3: Enjoy the Breeze!

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Now feel the refreshing breeze blowing through your open window. Give yourself a pat on the back for upcycling a useless component as well!


CoryVazquez (author)2015-04-05

Wow, looks like mac is supporting windows

DCA (author)2013-01-22

That's pretty good. I once did the same thing with a washing machine.

pml0904 (author)2011-11-30

Nice sticker! I got a kate the great this year, it was amazing...

mattthomas992003 (author)2010-04-20

it make my day if some punk came by in the middle of saw it and assumed it was a working laptop and stole it lol

NYPA (author)2010-03-21

Was it running Windows? =)

mike patterson (author)2010-02-21

Hook up the fan too----

vanpaun (author)mike patterson2010-02-22

Well, if the computer died from overheating, not sure that would do you much good! ;)

TheFantastic (author)2010-02-21

 I LOL'ed.


vanpaun (author)TheFantastic2010-02-22


Onkei (author)2010-02-21

Nice, cool idea, way to up-cycle. Although you can do this other ways, it's an all time low for technology lol. Btw I've seen my sister put a box fan in the window. That way the window stays open and it pulls the nice air in.

vanpaun (author)Onkei2010-02-22

Yeah, the box fan thing is a classic. I just thought this was too funny not to.

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