You must have MS-DOS of version 5.0 minimum

I recommend DOSbox since I tested it in that

Use my link do download everything right now

VFD files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yiokk6167ha0z8e/windows%...

extracted files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/du83xj465rea5vv/win31.zi...

place them somewhere and rename the VFD files to img ones

Step 1: Installing

Mount the IMG files you renamed earlier to the MS-DOS emulator or simply change to the directory you have the installation files and type install as A:\ or wherever you placed the files

And do everything you're asked for from the setup

Step 2: Running Windows

after you finish you're done but there's something you need to know: you'll either run but no sounds or run with soundblaster 16 sounds

Step 3: Extra for Sounds

As I said earlier you can have sounds through the soundblaster 16 driver only google it and you'll find the Sierra help pages where you'll find the drivers for windows

<p>I love DOS emulaters. I have used them in the past to play the old DOS games on my newer PC's. </p>

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