Okay, here it is. In this Instructable I'm going to show you how to add an animated background onto your desktop. Trust me after you've got this to work it will completely change your daily mood. 

Here is what you can accomplish with this tutorial.
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Step 1: Downloading the Software

First thing first you have to download some software for this to work. The program is called DreamScene. There to two versions you can download, for Windows Vista/ 7 users visit this webpage. On the page there is a complete step by step guide to how to install and run it, however I am going to show you how to do it anyway. 

Just unpack the .zip and follow the instructions in Important Readme.txt

Installing Dreamscene:

1) First, you need to have Aero enabled. You’ll know Aero is enabled if you’re able to preview windows in your taskbar, use Aero Peek, or see the animation effects of windows minimizing. If you think Aero isn’t enabled, open the Start menu, and type in Aero. 

32-bit System Follow this step [64-bit Systems Don't]

2) Run the patch and let it do it’s thing. When it’s finished, explorer.exe will restart.
If it doesn’t restart, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and click on Task Manager. Right click on explorer.exe and click on End Task. Then click on File, New Task, type in explorer.exe and press OK.


<p>the link &quot;webpage&quot; is a VIRUS!! BE CAREFUL THIS IS SPAM!!</p>
<p>Look at artdocks animated desktop wallpaper http://www.artdocks.com...You will love it!</p>
I wanted ta set a few .gifs backgrounds, but since this doesn't support those, I had to find something to convert them to .wmv files. <br>So, I found this free program called &quot;VirtualDub&quot;, that could open .gif files and then save them as .avi files. Obviously that wasn't enough, since DreamScene isn't able ta read .avi, so I then found that if you open the fresh .avi files in &quot;Windows Movie Maker&quot;, you can save them right away under recommended settings as .wmv files. <br>Conversion time in total with both programs was under 1 minute for simple 1-50 frame .gif files. <br> <br>Figured I'd share this here.
how did you get the icons like that?
If you are referring to the ones located at all 4 corners of the screen, well I'm using a program called ObjectDock Plus 2 developed by Stardock, just google them and you will find the program, it's pretty cheap or free if you know the right sources ;)<br> <br> However if you're talking about the system monitoring tool (e.g. the recycling bin, weather, notepad and harddrives) that's using a completely free program called Rainmeter.<br> <br> All that aside this is what my current desktop layout is and I am using windows 7 ultimate, just tweaked it ever so slightly to look awesome xD<br>
The links to the files lead to a &quot;this account is suspended&quot; page. I tried them with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. It didn't work with any of them.
The original website had done a bit of file re-management so the link got well un-linked, You'll fine the downloads here: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/63841-dreamscene-install-windows-7-vista.html <br> <br>P.S. I haven't used instructables in a long time so sorry I didn't keep it updated, however I will update this one :D
i made a similar ible, didn't see yours, haha
The links to the files lead to a &quot;this account is suspended&quot; page. I bet they can be found by googling. Just thought I'd let you know - and thanks for the instructable!
I've just tested the download link and to me they seem fully functional. Try using a different browser and hopefully that should fix the problem.
what site did you download your animation?<br>
It's from Filipe-ps's gallery on DeviantART. Here's the direct link to it:<br><br>http://filipe-ps.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d1x7wvb
verry cool! i will have to try that! :D

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