So, you've been hanging out reading tons of 'ibles and have been saving PDF's and screenshots for projects you'd like to try one of these days, and now you need a folder on your desktop or in your documents folder so store them, right?

Sure, you could just leave it looking like all of the other desktop folders you have, but that would be so hum-drum and boring for someone who is into DIY projects!  So, make your own Instructables Robot icon for your folder!

Step 1: Create an icon from a PNG or JPEG using a free online service

I personally am a fan of:    http://www.convertico.com/ 

for converting image files to .ICO (icon) files.  It is a FREE website and very easy to use.  Just navigate to their website and follow the simple instructions.  You browse to the location of the image file you want to convert to an icon, upload it and click on GO, and you icon show up in the upper right hand corner.  You just click on it to download your newly created icon back to your computer, and you're ready to go!

You can of course, use any program or web service you choose to complete this step.

Note - you will need to know where you have saved your new icon in the nest steps, so make sure you remember where you saved it!

<p>i couldnt find the customize tab, it doesnt appear in properties</p>
<p>I'm sorry you're having trouble. I'm not sure what the difficulty is unless you're using am unlicensed version of Windows. I know that MS disables many features for &quot;unofficial&quot; versions, an customizing may be one of them. This works on each version of Windows from Vista to 8 that I'm aware of. I haven't tried on XP or earlier.</p>
<p>For sure it works, but as for me the most easiest way would be using FoderMarkerPro. It's pretty nice, u guys should try it.</p>
very nice! do you know how to do this for mac too? I'd love to change the icon of my instructables folder!
Sorry, I don't have a mac to try it on. I bet you could find it online though. I do know it can be done, I just don't know how personally. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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