Step 2: Take the laptop apart

first we need to take the casing off from around the screen and then take the screen away from the hinges. Care needs to be taken not to damage any of the cables going to the monitor as they aren't very strong.

Depend upon the type of laptop you are using you may need to unstick the cable from the back off the LCD screen so you can place in to the corret postion

Here is a video of the screen take apart
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Dear &quot;hackitbuildit&quot;, <br> <br>You should mention from the very start that the resistive touch screen kit you use &amp; deem necessary only offers single touch and it's not HID-compliant therefore Win8 will never see it as a touch device but as a mouse. <br> <br>This means no swipe or other goodies Win8 brings to the table will be available. In my opinion you can not advertise your work as a win8 &quot;tablet&quot; because it lacks the very core feature of a win8 tablet - touch experience. The E-galax kit will not make it a truly &quot;touchscreen&quot;. <br> <br>I bet you can't get the onscreen keyboard to automatically display whenever you touch an input field. I know because I'm using the same thing in one of my instructables. It's a driver problem. One that does not work in Win7 let alone Win8. And no future updates will be available, that I'm sure.
Dear &quot;hackitbuildit&quot;,<br>I'd like to truly thank you for making this instructable! I am also trying to turn an old netbook of mine into a tablet. Your tutorial gave me 2 wonderful ideas! First, the operating system and last but not least, the placement of the screen.<br>I was trying to place it over the motherboard, but the display able wouldn't help at all. I was considering extending it, but this would be way too risky. I was completely desperate. But when I watched the video, I figured it out. I would &quot;open&quot; the netbook like a book and flip the screen at the bottom side of the motherboard! Apart from solving the placement problem, the heat problem is solved too! You see, in case I placed the screen over the board, it would be right above some processors which was previously heatshinked. Now they are completely &quot;free&quot; and a can install a thin metal plate which will do the job! <br>Thank you again and again!<br><br>P.S. I've visited the site about the touch screens but I couldn't find a way to purchase one. Can you suggest me a cheap solution for a 10'' monitor. I prefer capacitive ones, but if there aren't any under 80$, resistive wouldn't bother me.
@Salexandridis <br> <br>I found 14.1&quot; Capacitive touch screen kit here: <br> <br>http://kingtouch.en.made-in-china.com/product-group/LMVmWwobnARS/-HOT-Capacitive-Touch-Screen-catalog-1.html <br> <br>It is however a Chinese supplier but after exhausting all of the USA Suppliers I was refereed to them by a company called North American Semiconductor. <br> <br>I will be posting my Tablet build after i get all of the other components collected. Am having a hard time finding a way to Encase it all after. <br> <br>Like how this guy did his, but i just don't know... <br> <br>http://carbontablet.blogspot.ca/
make an instructable when you build it if you do
Where did you get the touchscreen overlay? I looked everywhere and couldn't find it.
I got it off ebay <br> <br>http://stores.ebay.co.uk/ewwtnet/Laptop-Accessories-/_i.html?_sacat=31530&amp;_sasi=1&amp;_sid=427464972&amp;_trksid=p4634.c0.m322
Thanks but this is just not enough, I'm going to try and make a convertible screen on my laptop, that way I will still use my laptop in the classic way
I'd like to see what you come up with. I'm trying to make a convertible laptop/tablet at the moment out of a macbook air. Hopefully I'll have finished in a few weeks. I will be doing a instructables when i've finished it.
Lets see who finishes first :)
Great instructable i did this a couple days ago and was wondering about the touchscreen. I used a dell inspiron 1545 and just modified the hinges so that the screen was on the outside and was still able to flip up so that i could set it somewhere to play games also was able to keep the bezel around the screen which was a plus for me. Touching on the screen is there a software you could run in order to use it or do you suggest getting the windows 8 os?
I'd suggest windows 8 as it's build with touch in mind, and it's much better than windows 7 and windows XP when using a touch interface.

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