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If anybody here remembers Zork, then you are the true Geek. I wanted to have something to entertain my self while on the computer in class, without them checking my history and busting me. So, I created this Game Called Option B.
It's just a lot of files titled with different option. You have to have sleep, food, and certain items to survive the game.

I'll Show you how to make it.
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Step 1: Let's get started.

Picture of Let's get started.
Ok, So I figured that just naming folder with different options would be just fine for this game.

First open up your C: drive, or create the game on a flash drive. If you go with flash drives, you can create multiple games.
Make a new folder, and title it with whatever you want.

Step 2: Start adding moves to the game

Picture of Start adding moves to the game
After you have put in a folder for the game, start adding moves.

I had:
Move forward
Move Back
Move Left
Move Right

after each of these add a correspond action, for example, If you go forward, you have the option to climb a tree, giving the skill of surveillance. 

Also, if you go back, you get a message that you cannot go back.

Step 3: Add items to locations.

Picture of Add items to locations.
In Option B you must have food, sleep, and other items to move forward in the game. In all the houses I put assorted items, such as Knives, flashlights, coats, extra clothes, disguises, ect. To move forward, for example, you might need a knife to open a lock to a shed containing essentials. 

Add what you like to make a fun, or challenging game.

Step 4: Add people

Picture of Add people
If you can't figure out how to get into a lock, or get certain items, you may need help. Adding people can be like adding little hints to move the game along. In all of the houses, I have at least one person. Some are hostile, so you will need food and sleep to recover. Others, will give very helpful hints on moving forward.

add people to every building, and sometimes in the open. They will really make the game alive.

Step 5: Make an ending

Picture of make an ending
All games must come to an end. In my game, you reach a car, enabling you to leave the town. 
Make the game ending make sense, also logical.

Step 6: How To Play

Picture of How To Play
command prompt 2.JPG
command prompt 3.JPG
command prompt dir.JPG
command prompt color dir.JPG
For people who have not used cmd.exe, it will be difficult at first, but here are the command you need to know:

@ To Start, you should see just C: or what ever drive you are using, not anything else. 

@ To see what files are visible, type in Dir, this will show a directory.

@ to open a file or directory, type in cd and then the file name

@ to back up, or leave a file, type in cd.. (with periods.)

@ You can change the color of command prompt by typing in Color dir, this will show a menu of colors to choose from.

These are the basice commands needed to navigate through the game.

See pictures for better explination of the commands.

Step 7: End!

Picture of End!
You have just written out a full game that can be played on Windows Command promt, or even just by going through files. No Internet needed!

Good job! Leave your game ideas below.