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If anybody here remembers Zork, then you are the true Geek. I wanted to have something to entertain my self while on the computer in class, without them checking my history and busting me. So, I created this Game Called Option B.
It's just a lot of files titled with different option. You have to have sleep, food, and certain items to survive the game.

I'll Show you how to make it.

Step 1: Let's get started.

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Ok, So I figured that just naming folder with different options would be just fine for this game.

First open up your C: drive, or create the game on a flash drive. If you go with flash drives, you can create multiple games.
Make a new folder, and title it with whatever you want.
Anuja12317 days ago

I don't really get it... Am I just supposed to make lots of folders? Please explain clearly his I can do this. Firstly, where do I put the items? Do i put them in different directions(move forward, etc..)? Secondly, where do I add people? Do I do this inside the items folders? The game looks really cool but is hard to understand. Thanks! Email me at anujaari150@gmail.com