Windows Paint Fake-Out


Introduction: Windows Paint Fake-Out

This is how to fake out people using Microsoft Paint, and the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard. (Sorry, Mac users!)

Step 1: Screenshot Now

First, hit the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard. It should be right around the numpad on a standalone keyboard, and around the top right corner on a laptop board. Once you hit this button, it will send a picture of whatever's on yer screen to the clipboard.

Step 2: First Paint, Then Paste

Now, open Microsoft Paint, and then Ctrl-V (paste) it in there. Now, you can see what your screen looks like in all its glory (or shame, it depends). If nothing pops up, follow the above again (sometimes, the Print Screen fails to work).

Step 3: A Leap of Foolness

Sometimes, seeing the result of step two is enough to fool people alone. I once had a friend look at the screen, and he vainly tried to click on some of the links, only producing small black dots as he did so. However, if you want to add another layer of "foolness", do Ctrl-F and watch what happens: it lloks like the original screen save for a little white line at the bottom. If you are lucky, the line will not even be there.

Step 4: A Practical Use, Broadly Speaking

Now, you may or may not have been entertained by this instructable so far. At least one person reading this will be thinking, "Is this guy a spoiloiking noob? He tells us how to cut and paste in Windows?! What's the point of this spoiloiking instructable anyway? I've been doing this thing since I was 5!" Well, there is a practical use for this, after all. Use it to get the IT guy or your boss panicky. Fool friends when they can't click on the spoiloiking link. What you do is that you take advantage of MS Paint's built in tools (pencil, line, text) to make your desktop (or other screen) look crazy, hacked, or [insert adjective here]. Like this:

Willy Wonka's revenge, or wannabe hacker? You decide, while the boss runs off like a mad man. So, have fun with this bit of knowledge.

Oh, and spoiloiking is a curse word I made up.



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    if your going to misspell hack, why not include an x like H4x0r3d!!1

    Darn it!!!!!! You always beat everyone to a commment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway, cool idea........grr GorillazMiko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes....Sometimes I think you post even before the instructable is published....Frankly I'm getting scared of you everywhere? If you pop out behind me when i turn around.........!

    Don't turn around.

    :P Just kidding.

    And I don't think it's possible to see an Instructable before it's published, unless it's your own, and/or you are on a user's page and you see it.

    Its nothing personal, its just that what you say is a lot like what I was gonna say. -awesome. Very good pictures! Great Instructable I'm gonna try this at school -awesome! Great pictures! I gotta try this! Great Instructable +1 You know? I feel like a cheap copy!

    Oh. :P Well, just say whatever you want about the Instructables! :-)

    r u like on instructables 24/7?

    its ok, mac users arnt dumb enuff to fall for such tricks. :P

    or u can use grab which comes standard on macs, check in utilities


    Works with the very wonderful (and free) IRFANVIEW too if you don't have MS Paint.