Windows "Security Threat"





Introduction: Windows "Security Threat"

Step 1:

Open Notepad

Step 2:

Enter the text. All one line
x=msgbox("This application will not be opened due to security threats", Close, "Warning")

Step 3:

Save as anything ending in .bat but all 1 word
Save it in all files

Step 4:

Make a shortcut for it, saving it as Internet - Shortcut
The shortcut is important

Step 5:

Right click, and left click properties
Click change icon, under shortcut
Select the internet explorer icon
Click ok, and then apply
Then double click, "Internet Shortcut"

Step 6:

Try putting it on other computers via flash drive, not the funniest, unless you move all other internet access out of sight



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you could also save the file as .vbs and it will do the exact same thing. btw this is super simple programming and the quality of your pictures suck. You should work on that.

Jmavdean, I will help you with it the next time I see you, but if not, you should probably redo it exactly as shown

I take that back, if I get 20 followers, I will do videos

Should I start doing videos?

Thanks, I took those with my phone

help me its me Jonah Dean the prank is not working I repeat the prank is not working It opens command prompt it says something I cant read it because the message closes as soon as it had opened I could kind of make out Bach file not found pleeeeeaze help me

If you press the "print screen" screen button, and paste into a program like MSPaint, you can make much better looking screenshots.