Step 2: Trick #2:Hibernation

Hibernation is a cool Feature in Windows XP that is hidden in the Turn Off Box

How to enable Hibernation in Your Computer
Step#1:click Start > Control Panel > Performence and maintence > Power Options

Step#2:Click the Hibernate tab > enable hibernate support checkbox

*Note : if the hibernate tab is not available means your hardware does not support this feature

Step#3 click OK
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when i do it, it won't hide the name
Make sure You do it with <strong>NUMPAD</strong> not on the numbers on the top of the keyboard.<br/>
thanks i already found out
For the hibernation mode you can also just hit the turn off computer button in the start menu and you will see an option called stand by. If you hit the shift key It will say Hibernation instead of standby.
I've never been able to get the invisible folder to work. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but cannot figure out what it would be.
Right click the folder, then, i think you hit advanced, then make invisible folder, or something like that.
Right click on folder > properties > Change icon > choose the invisible icon > OK
to make the invisible folder name a space, u need to use a numberpad. the # keys at the top of the keyboard wont work.
other than that u should have no problems

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