Windows-branded Laptop


Introduction: Windows-branded Laptop

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Update 19 Dec 2012:

New Windows 8 logo! Are you tired of your laptop manufacturer logo and you want to make your laptop unique? My acer laptop has its logo illuminated whenever the computer is turned on, even if the display is turned off. So I thought the new Windows 8 logo might be a good match to cover those.

What you need is just plain Windows 8 logo image file. Print those using the windows built-in print function, and select contact sheet as the size. Now cut your sticker according to that printout and you're done.



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    I like Windows. And Mac. And Linux. All three can get me on the internet and to

    Just sayin'... :-)

    Nice 'ible. I'm going to make several of these, but different emblems. Maybe Yugo, Atari, Casio, etc.

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    Got sidetracked...


    nice decals you got there. new hp laptops are lucky you don't have anything in the center. lol

    Yeah. Works out okay... Only thing is now I have two logos. X-)
    Maybe I should make a black circle to block out the 'hp'.

    Electrical tape?

    I'd remove whole windows, nut just the label...

    I completely agree. Even if I ran Windows on my laptop, I really wouldn't want to advertise the fact.