Picture of Windows button
How to press the windows button without the windows button!

An insight to the life of a cheap bogan with a cheap keyboard
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Step 1:

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Are some of your keys missing?

Are some broken?

Maybe you have a MIC keyboard without the windows button?

What happens if you don't have a mouse?

Then how on Earth are you ever going to press the start button!??

Step 2:

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Here's how:

>First you place your left thumb on top of the Control key, do so now.

>Next you carefully place your index finger or if preferred your middle finger on the Escape key (middle finger is most recommended).

>Now you hold down the Control key.

>Then you tap Escape.

>If done correctly the key combination should have sprouted up the start menu!!

Note: DO NOT hold down the combination for longer than 20 100ths of a second (0.2secs or 20 milliseconds) as your screen will erupt in a rather exquisite array of trippy flashes courtesy of the start menu.

WARNING: seizures may result in the above actions

Step 3:

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Microsoft knows best

Here's a link if you are still unsure,

and remember, Control (CTRL) + Escape (ESC)

If you have any queries comments or questions please feel free to contact me.

Happy (CTRL + ESC)ing, and don't forget to practice!

Step 4:

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By the way here's a cool vid of a cool song *****star. If it doesn't work sue YouTube.

Hey Nick you'll thank me for it!!

Make sure you check out neardood on instructables too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Electromau53 years ago
CTRL+ W is a great thing :D
fwjs286 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
...unless you don't have a windows key. ...which is the whole point of this instructable.
Why wouldn't you have a mouse!?
wezdog1 (author)  lobo_pal6 years ago
Dude who uses mice these days, get to the future bro (:P
Mouse, singular. If you're using two mice at once, than you're skilled.
my school lappy has 2 mice/mouses whatever it is, and i use both of's easy!!!
here's my lappy's keyboard to prove it
I have done that lol you can plug two into the one computer at a time, but they both control the same cursor.
fwjs28 lobo_pal6 years ago
yes its actually quite the funny need a usb and a ps/2
2 USB's works too, and it can indeed be quite funny lol I was controlling a friends comp in class while we were playing Halo (teacher was away) and making him shoot team mates and stuff and he just though it was lag till i told him at the end haha
For April Fools,I am going to replace my mom's new mouse at work with her old one that I gutted and glued the scroll wheel in.She probably will think her mouse is broken!
fwjs28 Derin5 years ago
good idea...
Derin fwjs285 years ago
She actually saw it's construction,so I depend on the fact that she will forget.
wezdog1 (author)  Derin5 years ago
Tell us if it works :)
Derin wezdog15 years ago
fwjs28 Derin5 years ago
mhm...usually a good whack over the head will make them forget the past week possibly month :)
Derin fwjs285 years ago
fwjs28 Derin5 years ago
_ (<<blank stare)
lobo_pal fwjs286 years ago
What about a wireless mouse?
wezdog1 (author)  lobo_pal5 years ago
Got one of dose. Takes a while to install drivers on first use though:)
fwjs28 wezdog15 years ago
wireless mice are fun...and keyboards too...
fwjs28 lobo_pal6 years ago
that would be funny as hell....get a third person, and then be like lol dude, its just me, show them, unplug it and be like lol....then 5 minutes later another person on the wireless should just like randomly twitch the mouse :P
lobo_pal fwjs286 years ago
lol, yeah like lol, that would be like so funny lol, I never like thought of that lol, I need to try that like lol.
wezdog1 (author)  fwjs286 years ago
what if you blew your USB ports because of your cheap Made in China camera and you have a decent computer with no old tech like ps2 ports??
wezdog1 (author)  wezdog16 years ago
Besides, I bet you didn't no what control escape did before you read this??? hey say no more say no more
I did, I feel smart now :D lol But this could be quite a handy 'ible IMO
fwjs28 lobo_pal6 years ago
hes actually gramatically correct...considering hes talking about multiple people....
Technically its actually mouses, mice only applies for the small furry rodent. Don't you just love smart asses lol
gooes geese moose meese?
You're the one that brought up Grammatical correctness :P
So who defines what grammar usage is correct? Webster?
fwjs28 Unit0425 years ago
thats one think i can't stand...someone who arbitralriy (no clue how to spell that but o well) says, nope wrong...
Unit042 fwjs285 years ago
One thing or think?
thing = unnamed and/or undescribed/previously-described noun.
think = verb involving thought processes.

here you go:
ar (as in, a pirate, arrrr! Nevermind....)

And who decided that Americans will spell meter, the British: metre?
etc. and so on ad nauseum
fwjs28 Unit0425 years ago
Thing :P....
Unit042 fwjs285 years ago
OK. Good, ambiguosity is undesired when unwarranted.... ;D
fwjs28 Unit0425 years ago
my heard hurts almost as much now as when i talk to kelysmh...owie..
fwjs28 fwjs285 years ago
kelsymh i dun remember what it is my heard hurts so much
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