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How to press the windows button without the windows button!

An insight to the life of a cheap bogan with a cheap keyboard
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Step 1:

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Are some of your keys missing?

Are some broken?

Maybe you have a MIC keyboard without the windows button?

What happens if you don't have a mouse?

Then how on Earth are you ever going to press the start button!??

Step 2:

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Here's how:

>First you place your left thumb on top of the Control key, do so now.

>Next you carefully place your index finger or if preferred your middle finger on the Escape key (middle finger is most recommended).

>Now you hold down the Control key.

>Then you tap Escape.

>If done correctly the key combination should have sprouted up the start menu!!

Note: DO NOT hold down the combination for longer than 20 100ths of a second (0.2secs or 20 milliseconds) as your screen will erupt in a rather exquisite array of trippy flashes courtesy of the start menu.

WARNING: seizures may result in the above actions

Step 3:

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Microsoft knows best

Here's a link if you are still unsure,

and remember, Control (CTRL) + Escape (ESC)

If you have any queries comments or questions please feel free to contact me.

Happy (CTRL + ESC)ing, and don't forget to practice!

Step 4:

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By the way here's a cool vid of a cool song *****star. If it doesn't work sue YouTube.

Hey Nick you'll thank me for it!!

Make sure you check out neardood on instructables too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Electromau53 years ago
CTRL+ W is a great thing :D
neardood6 years ago
Rofl. Look forward to my new instructable on customising your UI
(PS. It may not work with vista) Suck!
I have vista. and it works!
wezdog1 (author)  cheating-master6 years ago
I know vista rocks!
Windows 7 is better! (I'm using the Beta)
windows 7 is alot better then viesta but maybe not xp
i've used vista it's alright but 7 is better.
has anyone tried 3.1?
erikals6 years ago
really cool instructable, I've tested this on Win 95 and XP, should work on versions of Windows between those
wezdog1 (author) 6 years ago
4 teh record me haz a microsoft intelligent storage mouse (wireless) :)
fwjs28 wezdog16 years ago
neardood6 years ago
yay I rated it 5/5
Izokay6 years ago
If it 'lags' click on a different window (like the internet) then click the start menu button.
neardood6 years ago
Thx Homie
hey it says this vid is no lonnger avalable. Imau go sue Youtube lol
wezdog1 (author) 6 years ago
hi nick
you're talknig to my youtube avatar
wezdog1 (author) 6 years ago
Love it keep it up!!!
wezdog1 (author) 6 years ago
OK, just so everyone knows, THE COMPUTER DOESN'T LAG! I just said that for effect. Sweeeet
neardood6 years ago
the cammand's Cntrl-Escape, none of the holding down escape crap
wezdog1 (author)  neardood6 years ago
Ok, nick spell command correctly first then read the instructable correctly, if you don't understand English you obviously don't get this instructable.
cool thx for the tip
neardood6 years ago
For all you n00bs out there MIC stands for Made In China. Pretty self explanatory about the quality, right?