Windproof Candle Holder





Introduction: Windproof Candle Holder

This instructable is to manufacture a cool simple windproof candle holder form a PET bottle.

Step 1: Cut

With a pair of scissors cut the upper quarted of any PET bottle.

Step 2: Introduce

Introduce the upper part of the bottle upside down, all the way to the bottom

Step 3: Fire

Put the candle in the bottle neck of the bottle and fire it!

If you have a wider candle use a knife to reduce the diameter in order to fit the neck of the bottle
Use different kind of PET bottle colors to add ambience.

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hi jalinx... backpacking in my younger days, I lived in a cave on a Spanish beach for 3 weeks at a time. There was NO ambient street/village light - those nights were pitch black apart from stars. we had candles only and lit our cave by using bottles like this. But even better are the white-coloured milk containers. A candle inside one of these really glows, sometimes brighter than the various storm lamps other backpackers got out. Think of those chinese lanterns that float up slowly; the milk-container-candlelamps glow with the same sort of shine, not quite as bright. But far brighter than using clear bottles. personally I'd leave out the funnel bit, unless I covered that bit up with sand or garden earth, cat litter or whatever... stops the worry of fire when candle burns low and people may be asleep... after all, we klight candles at night and we sleep at night too - so why risk death eh? BUT I loved your instructable and wanted to tell all you budding lantern-builders - try white plastic milk bottles! X

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PET is the type of plastic which disposeable bottles are made.

Great idea. but if the wind is blowing wouldn't it knock it down? maybe sand in the base? what if you wanted to walk around with it? it seems awkward to hold. What about cutting off the bottom section (2 or 3 mm) of the bottle, cutting holds near the ‘neck’ and wedging the candle inside? It would be easier to hold and the neck vents would keep it ignited.

Using the larger 2L bottle is probably a better bet than the 500mL I've used in the past. Those shrunk from the candle heat, likely because the flame was closer to the sides than it would be in yours.

Superb! Why didn't I think of this before? Perhaps you could take the plastic top of the bottle, and place it in a glass container? Or if I had a glass cutter I could make one out of a Sobe bottle. Those are a good size for this too.

Use a glass jar (I did again at the weekend). You can hang these from trees with some wire. PET will tend to melt, whereas glass just gets hot. L