Picture of Windscreen Wiper Blade Photo Mobile
When I last replaced my windscreen wiper blades, I put the old ones in the bin, but I knew they wouldn't stay there long. Sure enough I had this simple idea. When I replaced them on my new car, I decided to do the same and take some photos while I was at it.

Pair of old windscreen wiper blades
Steel wire (not stranded)
Paper clips


Step 1: Take the rubbers out

Picture of Take the rubbers out
Just pull them out, the metal strips too. Simple as.
The metal strips could possibly be used instead of the steel wire later.
moasmo1 year ago

Estupenda Idea !!! Lo hare.. !!!

paulinha_033 years ago
adorei a ideia, lindo lindoo!
Very pretty! It's hard to tell what they are at first glance. Good reuse!