A year ago, two pieces of plastic from the windshield wiper assembly broke.

Because the car is 14 years old, I decided to fix them myself.

Step 1: Plastic Parts

I used M16 threaded rods, nuts and round pieces of steel.

Step 2: Steel Parts

Because the joints were unstable, I welded them .

Step 3: Riveted Joints

I have replaced them with screw clamps.

Step 4: The Parts Are Ready

To assemble them , I used waterproof grease.

Step 5: Assembling

I made the final adjustments to the assemble when I installed it on the car.

Step 6: The End

I can say that it works better than the version with plastic parts.

Step 7:

<p>Good work friend,but too risky because if <br>you have a reputed old car then if something wrong would have occurred <br>then,it might lead to numerous faults in its body windshield. Further we<br> would have to pay excessive amount to repair that minor fault. So,if <br>you want reliable fixation of this problem then please consult a good </p><p>&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.germanformula.com/&quot;&gt;car service center &lt;/a&gt;</p><p> that helps you in each case of your problems.</p>
<p>Thank you ! But Romania to Portland is some distance :)</p>
Impressive work!
<p>Thank you !</p>

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