Windup Boat





Introduction: Windup Boat

A small boat that you wind up and will go forward in a pond or swimming pool

A list of things needed:

1. A square peice of wood
2. A thin square peice of wood
3. A thin rubberband
4. A saw

Step 1: The Main Part of the Boat

First you will need a peice of wood (preferably a square peice).
Cut it so it is an arrow shape. Then cut a box out of the bottom.
It helps if you make round cuts on either side of the box so the water is pushed in a more water dynamic way.

Step 2: The Rotor Peice

The rotor peice is what propels the boat threw the water with the rubberband. Get a thin square peice of wood cut it so it fits inside of your square cutout on the boat. Drill two holes in the wood an equal length away from the sides so the rubberband can fit through.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Put the rubberband threw the two holes like a weave and wrap the rubberband around the two sides of your square cutout. To make it propel twist the rotor backwards so when you let go the rubberband will go the opposite way and propel the boat threw the water.



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    thats very cool get it the water was probably That is a very cool idea i want to make one!

    Roooarrr thats real really realy really *notice i spelt realy with 1 l then 2 ls then 1 l then 2 ls? yay!

    man i have to try this!

    ooooooooooo! aahhhhhhhhhhh! EXITEMENT!!!

    Awsome. I think I'm going to have to try that

    WOW! I used to have a toy wooden boat like this when I was a little kid (my sister made it for me). Had completely forgotten about it until now! The paddle shape on the one I had was an + if you looked at it from the side.

    Thats cool! I like that. Great instructable. Maybe you could use surgical tubing instead of rubber bands.

    1 reply

    That would be a good idea

    yay simple stuff!!

    I made one of these in Wood shop a few years ago, mine was themed as a shark, of course. =D