Picture of Windup Boat
A small boat that you wind up and will go forward in a pond or swimming pool

A list of things needed:

1. A square peice of wood
2. A thin square peice of wood
3. A thin rubberband
4. A saw

Step 1: The main part of the boat

Picture of The main part of the boat
First you will need a peice of wood (preferably a square peice).
Cut it so it is an arrow shape. Then cut a box out of the bottom.
It helps if you make round cuts on either side of the box so the water is pushed in a more water dynamic way.
WAFFLES994 months ago

haha cool

thing 26 years ago
thats very cool get it the water was probably cool.lol That is a very cool idea i want to make one!
can u make one out of metal
Joely7 years ago
Roooarrr thats real really realy really *notice i spelt realy with 1 l then 2 ls then 1 l then 2 ls? yay!
video video video!
Shifrin7 years ago
man i have to try this!
jakezcop7 years ago
ooooooooooo! aahhhhhhhhhhh! EXITEMENT!!!
FatFuck8 years ago
Awsome. I think I'm going to have to try that
Duranis8 years ago
WOW! I used to have a toy wooden boat like this when I was a little kid (my sister made it for me). Had completely forgotten about it until now! The paddle shape on the one I had was an + if you looked at it from the side.
Thats cool! I like that. Great instructable. Maybe you could use surgical tubing instead of rubber bands.
engineer_01 (author)  joejoerowley8 years ago
That would be a good idea
hmm...now time to scale it up...
bumpus8 years ago
yay simple stuff!!
Dash-28 years ago
I made one of these in Wood shop a few years ago, mine was themed as a shark, of course. =D