Picture of Windup MineCraft Creeper
This is an instructable on how to create a windup creeper. This can be applied to anything you want to add a little movement to.

The following steps will take a papercraft creeper and give your nerves a little more of a test when you hear the "hissing" sound and you turn around to see this little guy walking across your desk.

Step 1: Gather Tools and Items

Picture of Gather Tools and Items
Tools you'll need:
* Glue
* Knife
* Paper clips
* Craft stick
* Pliers
* small Amount of Clay
** Papercraft Model
** Gear Box

Tools you may need:
* Hammer
* Screw driver
* File
* flush Cutters
dalfaro26 months ago
Omg I feel bad for the poor chicke
diamondore8 months ago

Make A Moving Enderdragon! I Would Know It's Inpossible, But Try?

Yes that would be awesome!

I would love that, it would also be very creative

LucieL17 months ago


knexiskool1 year ago
ho about you make a moving blaze! it would look really cool
OMG!!! Wooohhhoooo9 that is a genius idea!!!!
Oh, this is just too neat. He's fantastic!

I'd love to see a video of him.
Noesis (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Sure, I'll have one posted soon.
Do you have the video of the creeper in action?
When is soon? You posted that on March 30th of 2012 and I posted this on July 31st of 2012!
how long is soon? i wanna see this! :D
Me too!
frost3602 years ago
can u make more tutorials on more minercaft mobs or steve or herobrine???
the most epic.... Enderdragon wind up!!!!!!!!!!!
frost3602 years ago
do u have a video on how to make it and where to get a gear box..?
You could make a papercraft ghast and have a helium balloon in it.It would really float like the ghasts do in the game
Geeknxt3 years ago
I totally got to make my "skin" walk.
Wonderful Idea.
Heywasup3 years ago
also could you please elaborate on how to attach the rods the the legs and turn wheel
Noesis (author)  Heywasup3 years ago
Attaching the L rods can be a little tricky, I placed a small amount of glue on the tip of each rod before placing in the hole on each leg, Pushing it against the top of the leg until it dried. Another way is to make the bottom of the L shape paperclip longer than the leg and place 2 hole one on each side of the leg, Feed the L through both holes and bend the end over the top to hold in place.

The turn wheel should have 2 holes in it, one in the center and one towards the outer edge. Place a small amount of glue in the outer hole, then feed the pin through the loops of both the L shape paper clips after they are attached to the legs and fit it into the glue, let it dry. Using a pair of pliers to to hold the pin and weave it through the loops may help.

Most of the action where hard to get with a camera solo, and the ones i did take were to blurry to use.

I'll see about getting new ones and updating the Instructable to reflect any issues that arise or concerns posted in the comments.

Note: if your windup does not have a turn wheel, you may make one using thick card stock and a hole punch. Punch out about 8 (depending on size, about 1.5 or 2 mm thick should work) and glue together, using a needle make 2 holes one in the middle and one around the outer edge.
Heywasup3 years ago
how big was the chicken you got the gearbox from?
Noesis (author)  Heywasup3 years ago
Sorry for the delayed response. The chicken was about 4 in tall.
thats really cool could you give me some tips because i just started and it would really help me?
mbsushi3 years ago
defiantly need a video of this.
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Ha! The wind-up sound would be close to the hissing sound they make.