Introduction: Windup Robot

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Windup Robot made from an example of the book

"Build your own robots, assemble 3 robots" by Steve Parker and Owen Davey

(in Dutch: "Bouw je robots, maak zelf drie robots die echt kunnen bewegen")

I made the drawings by scanning the original buildplates and redrawing them in Illustrator.

The original buildplates are made from carton.

Step 1: Illustrator Vector Drawing

illustrator vector drawing for lasercutter: use plywood 3mm thick

Step 2: Assembly Instructions

Picture of Assembly Instructions

photo images from the original book

Step 3: Windup Motor

Picture of Windup Motor

you'll need a windup motor like this.

buy it online or get one from another toy... ;)

Step 4: Result: Windup Robot :)

Step 5:


Swansong (author)2017-11-17

That is a neat kit :)

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