I found Half a wine barrel that the local pub was throwing out, so I grabbed it because it was made out of oak, and I would hate to see that in someone's fireplace.

Step 1: The Barrel

As I said I found the barrel that someone cut in half,  it was almost ready to fall to pieces as 2 of the bands had fallen off and the top one was also ready to fall off. It would be very difficult to reassemble, so I carefully  put the bands back on, and took it home.
I was not sure what to make until I saw the nice graphics on the top, so I sanded the top back and put furniture oil on it. It looked good to I decided to keep the graphic which would mean keeping the top in-tacked.  My first thought was a coffee table, But as the project  progress the misses said she like the hight of the table and would like it on the deck next to her chair.
<p>What does it feel like being on the first page of the Instructables book?!</p><p>I came across this project when I found out our library had the Instructables book so I reserved it straight away (what a mistake...) I can't put it down to read any of the other books I borrowed :P</p>
<p>its pretty cool as it was my first instructable, it also on another instructables book so Im pretty chuffed. so its in </p><p>Awesome projects from unexpected places</p><p>and extraordinary projects for ordinary people</p>
<p>Neat :)</p><p>Very well explained!</p>
I love the table! I also like the root beer. You an Australian
<p>kiwi living in Australia </p>
Well done, sir! Beautiful table.
Cool, wish I could get my hands on an old barrel...
Where Can I find a barrel?
Try ebay
Very nice project
Well done instructable! thanks!
Humm... and both in the photo are in age to beer drinking?<br>even more, are they well-contracted to work for free as children?<br>Something smelling to illegal, man...<br><br><br>Hehehehehe, great table and good step-by-step, too.<br>And... I will not tell anything to anybody if I get it as pressent ;)
You do realize that's Ozzie ginger beer, right? Not too much alcohol in that.<br>Besides - the legal drinking age is 18 in the right place :)
This is a very cool project, I don't drink but I really like the idea, good job.
I have been on the search for some wooden barrels now this just adds another project to the list. Great job!!
Fabulous. Jealous.<br>
Bundy ginger beer - Nice on a hot day!
This was my first instuctable so Thank you everyone for your feedback, it makes me want to write another one
Great idea! That turned into a great table!
I want one!
real nice.
Real cool re-purpose!<br>
really cool
Gorgeous! Great reuse. :D

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