Picture of Wine Barrel fruit bowl
This is the fruit bowl I made from wine barrel planks, the red stain on the inside of the bowl is from the red wine that used to be inside the barrel.

Step 1: Stuff you will need

Picture of Stuff you will need
After making the wine barrel beer table, I spent I long time sitting and thinking on a  pile of oak barrel planks which are curved and tapered, which make them difficult to work with.
you will need
1. belt sander, with 40, 80 and 120 grit belts
2. 40, 80 ,120, 240 grit sand paper
3. jigsaw with a new blade.
4. sash clamps
5. a large weight
6. good quality wood glue
7. plane
8. furniture oil
9. clean rags.
10. around 3 hours plus 24 hours for glue to dry
11. fruit
tholopotami3 years ago
It looks very beautiful. I like the finish.
paganwonder3 years ago
I really like the asymmetrical result of using the barrel staves, adds an artistic twist that only increases the attractiveness of this bowl. I believe the curves could be effectively applied to a seat to complement the table...your work has inspired me! Excellent 'ible.
Fractality3 years ago
I like this project, can easily be done with some scrap wood that I have around.
In case of the wine barrel table, nice reuse of the material. I see you have more wood left, maybe use it again to make a chair or stool for the table, then you don't have to sit on the pile of wood as in the first picture ;)

Keep up the good work.
My first thought was "I can make a couple of these when I make my wine barrel beer table". Then I realized it was you again, way to go on a second awesome 'ible.
ChrysN3 years ago