Step 3: Glueing the Planks

First I did a "dry run" to see every thing would fit together properly.
I used a couple of sash clamps, with some large containers of water on top to clamp the wood while the glue was  drying.
I was thinking of using dowels to hold the planks in place but as everything is curved I could see than it would be very difficult to get every thing lined up so I made  sure I used a high quality wood glue as the cheap stuff would probably let go if the bowl was dropped.
Once the weight was on the top it was easy to adjust the clamps, or give the planks a tap with a hammer to get everything in the right position.
Then I had to wait 24 hour for the glue to have full strength.
It looks very beautiful. I like the finish.
I really like the asymmetrical result of using the barrel staves, adds an artistic twist that only increases the attractiveness of this bowl. I believe the curves could be effectively applied to a seat to complement the table...your work has inspired me! Excellent 'ible.
I like this project, can easily be done with some scrap wood that I have around. <br>In case of the wine barrel table, nice reuse of the material. I see you have more wood left, maybe use it again to make a chair or stool for the table, then you don't have to sit on the pile of wood as in the first picture ;)<br><br>Keep up the good work.
My first thought was &quot;I can make a couple of these when I make my wine barrel beer table&quot;. Then I realized it was you again, way to go on a second awesome 'ible.

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