Picture of Wine Bear
Don't serve wine from a box, serve wine from a bear.

A wine bear is a novel way to serve wine out of a box, in the box there is always a bag with the wine.

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Step 1: Find out the measurements of the winebag you want to hide

Picture of Find out the measurements of the winebag you want to hide
The Type of winebag you can use can depend upon the region you are in.

I'm in mid Europe. And here most wine in a bag is in a 3l wine bag in a box.

On the internet I found the measurements of the original box
Measurements      Bag            Box                    palet
Length                  125 mm      125 mm             1,20 m
Depth                   125 mm      125 mm              0,80 m
Height                   235 mm      235 mm             1,19 m
Volume                 3,67 dm³     1,1424 m³
Wheigth                3900 gr       29680,00 gr      1360,60 kg

If you have another box you just have to calculate the measurements

5L = 5 dm3 = 250mm*200mm*100mm
In inches and gallons it should work the same.

Now you have the indication measurements for the volume
This space You will need in the bear, so now you can start looking for a bear.

Step 2: Find a good bear

Picture of find a good bear
Once you know how big the bear needs to be you can start looking for one.

A lot of people have just good bears lying around.
If you don't have a suited bear lying around try to find one in second hand shops or on the internet (you wouldnt want to ruin a completely new one)

Step 3: Open up the bear

Picture of Open up the bear
Now you have to open up your bear.  Open up the back and make a little hole in the front.
The front hole has to be big enough for the valve of the winebag to pass thru.
kcli2 years ago
This is great...Now I need to raid a toy box!

I considered making something similar for my book club (by making a shell for the box of wine to look like a leather bound book) but I like this better because it also acts as a drinking buddy.
ynze2 years ago
Keeping it out of children's reach might be tricky :-)
Miss Misery2 years ago
I'm going to make one of these! Thanks for the idea!
Great instructable! Interesting choice for the spigot placement. :)
scoochmaroo2 years ago
I know too many people who need this.
I suddenly know that feeling.