Step 12: Add the Lights

Picture of Add the Lights
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Stopper placement.JPG
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Insert light- Second.JPG
Remove the 20-bulb light string from the box, and straighten it out. Plug the light string in to ensure it works, then take the #00 stopper and place it around the cord of the light string, with the wide end of the stopper toward the light string plug. You'll want the narrow end of the stopper to be a couple of inches away from the last light on the string.

Insert the first bulb on the string into the hole in the base of your bottle. Continue to feed the lights and cord through the hole, one at a time. On the second and subsequent lights fold the bulb against the cord and gently push through the hole. Take care not to nick the cord.

Once you've gotten four or five bulbs in the bottle, use the 12-inch piece of coat hanger to fish the first bulb on the string out of the bottle. Then, continue feeding bulbs into the base, pulling the light string out of the top of the bottle. This makes it easier to feed the string into the bottle.