Step 3: Build the Jig

Picture of Build the Jig
Stopper jig.JPG
While the bottle is drying, build your jigs. Although this step may seem unnecessary, it makes a big difference. The idea is to build a base onto which you can place the bottle and hold it steady and prevent rolling while drilling. You can use any material for the base, but the thicker material allows you to drill a hole to hold the stoppers securely while drilling.

Lay the 2x8 on a flat surface. Place a 12-inch piece of parting stop on the 2x8, roughly one quarter of the way from the edge. Screw the parting stop to the 2x8 using three of the wood screws. Place a bottle on the 2x8 against the first piece of parting stop, and place the other piece of parting stop on the opposite side of the bottle. Hold it in place, remove the bottle, then move the loose piece of parting stop slightly closer to the piece of parting stop already attached to the jig base. The goal is to hold the bottle slightly above the jig base, and prevent the bottle from rolling during the drilling process. Fasten the second piece of parting stop to the jig base with the remaining wood screws.

Somewhere in the center of the jig base, between the pieces of parting stop, drill a hole about 1.25 inches deep using the Forstner bit. Test the depth by inserting the #00 stopper; you want the hole to be deep enough to ensure the stopper is firmly seated, but still easily removed.