Step 8: Prepare to Drill

Picture of Prepare to Drill
Chuck the hole saw into the drill press.

Place the jig on the drill press table, and place the bottle on the jig. Move the bottle until the diamond hole saw is centered over the ring of modeling clay, where you plan to drill your hole.
hock3ydud33 years ago
If it is throwing off glass dust at all, you need to wear a respirator rated appropriately. It is horrible for your lungs. Good instructable, I'm going to attempt to make a few of these as christmas presents!
KEUrban (author)  hock3ydud33 years ago
Very good point. Inhaling glass dust can lead to silicosis, which is very bad as you say.

If you ensure that the clay reservoir is filled with water, glass dust is captured in the liquid. If you were doing dozens and dozens of these, I'd wear a respirator for sure.