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So my best friend and I lived together for a year. And drank lots of wine. By the time we went our separate ways we had tons of bottles leftover. We split them and I wound up with about 50. I'm still trying to find a use for them!

This tutorial walks you through a simple decor. I have this displayed in my front window, next to a candle and a plant. It looks pretty. And I plan on making more.

Step 1: The Basics

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Step one - Clean the wine bottle of any glue residue. There are a variety of instructables out there for this.

Next, decide what you want your wine bottles to say. I'm using four bottles to spell out the word LOVE. But, I also like the idea of a single word per bottle.

Decide how large you want your letter(s) to be. Mine are approximately 3" tall. I wanted them to be seen from across the room. In a more intimate setting, you may not need them this large.

Step 2: Draw and Glue

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Once you've decided all that, get out your trusty permanent marker.

Use this to draw on the glass, an outline of your letter.

Next, run a bead of hot glue along the outline. I recommend doing this with the bottle flat, and the outline facing up.

Bottles roll, so I have a habit of holding it between my legs while I hot glue. But I've been burned before, so be careful.

Step 3: Paint, Dry, and Done

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Allow the hot glue to set.

Then spray paint whatever color you want. I'm choosing silver.

I highly recommend wiping the bottle down before spraying it with alcohol. It helps the paint stick to the glass a little better.

Allow to dry. I've found spray painted wine bottles do best when left alone over night. I've had to repaint before because I touched them before they were completely dry.

Display your beautiful new up-cycled piece in your home!


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