Sadly my gardening options are limited by apartment life, but there are still loads of container options available. When I saw an awesome planter made from a repurposed wine bottle, I knew it was something I had to give a shot. With a few simple tools, you can turn the remains of a wild weekend into some gorgeous greenery.

Step 1: You'll Need. . .

  • An empty wine bottle (or two - it doesn't hurt to have a couple extra in case anything goes awry and to allow a few practice runs)
  • Glass cutter
  • A box or scrap wood to position your glass cutter on to help provide a straight score line
  • Fine-grit sandpaper (you could also use a Dremel or sander if you wanted to)
  • Tea kettle or pot of boiling water and source of cool/cold running water
  • Wool felt or similar fabric (undyed is suggested)
  • Small stones, marbles, or similar
  • Small plant (a hydroponic or air plant is suggested - succulents also work well (a jade plant is shown here))
  • Safety glasses
<p>Excellent guide to taking the bottom of a wine bottle. My wife has been on at me because she want to make a bespoke light fitting for the stairs and my first attempt went superb went well but after that I broke 3 bottles (good job we are alcoholics in this house) so I thought I would look on instructables for a better way to do it. Low and behold I found your guide and worked a treat every time :) Many thanks</p>
where did I see this?
I'm not sure what you mean? I included a link to where I saw it, but I believe they're available from a number of retailers.
Any idea where I can buy one of these? : ) <br>
The retailer where I saw them is linked above, but if you try a search for &quot;Grow Bottle&quot; you'll likely find others as well :)
My only addition would be a note that if you're going to be using a dremel or other high-speed grinder on glass you really need to be wearing a respirator of some kind. Ground glass in your lungs is not a pleasant way to go.
Awesome point and for sure worth mentioning. Thanks!
saw it on a craft blog last month, cant remember where, Im looking! Ill let you know!
Oh, I haven't seen this idea on any blogs, but it's a great reuse project, so that's great that others are doing it as well!

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