Wine Bottle Tiki Torch





Introduction: Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

Here's a cool idea for a tiki torch made from a wine bottle that you can make in about ten minutes.

Step 1: Tools and Materials


  • Spoke wrench or heavy wire cutter
  • Hacksaw


  • Wine bottle
  • Tiki torch wick
  • Bicycle hub
  • Kerosene or other lamp oil (we use citronella to keep bugs away)

Step 2: Prepare the Hub

Find a donor bicycle wheel from your local broke bike mountain.

Begin by removing the hub from the bike wheel. This wheel was toast so I just cut the spokes and removed them. Next remove the axle from the hub.

Step 3: Cut the Hub and Assemble the Torch

Cut the hub in half and stuff the tiki torch wick into it. From there, just put oil in the wine bottle and drop the wick into it. Once the oil migrates to the tip of the wick, light it and go. Lasts for hours and hours.



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Excelent! I'll try on next camping.

I seen this in Backwoodman magMail bag, it listed that it was seen Instructables as project.

Great idea! Well thought out. This is a nice take on the earlier Molotov type torches by bushman89 and PaleoDan. Just goes to sow there is more than one way to provide light to skin the cat!

waste of a perfectly good bike hub lol. but i do like the idea. gonna do this with a bottle of hard cider from my family reunion

It was a pretty low end hub. Nothing you would want to use on a good bike.

I love the use of seemingly random parts! Great job!