Wine Bottle "Tiki" Torch (Table-top)





Introduction: Wine Bottle "Tiki" Torch (Table-top)

This is a simple and inexpensive way to "re-purpose" or save wine bottles from special occasions to enjoy for years to come.  This is a bottle of 2008 Faithful Hound that my wife and I enjoyed for our anniversary this past year at Jiko's in Walt Disney world.  I have made other torches from other bottles that have had a part in a celebration of one kind or another.

Total cost for this project was about $10 (if you don't include the wine that was enjoyed)

  1. Empty Wine Bottle or other glass bottle
  2. Fender Washer - I used 1 inch in diameter with about a 1/2 inch opening
  3. Replacement Tiki Lamp Wick (I used the one that come complete because I found them on sale - buy what's cheap)
  4. Tiki Oil (1 - 2 quart bottle will be good for two torches)
  1. Funnel to reduce the spilling while filling the bottle with oil
  2. Match or lighter to test out the completed torch (guess this one is really not optional)
  3. Good friends and another Full wine bottle to share stories with while you empty the wine for the next torch!

Step 1: Directions

  1. Simply pull the Tiki wick from the metal top
  2. Thread the Tiki wick through the Fender Washer so that about 3/4 of an inch stick out
  3. Fill bottle with Tiki Oil (I used the Bite Fighter kind but all of them work well) enough so that at least 2-3 inches of oil will be Over the bottom of the wick
  4. Place wick with fender washer in the bottle
  5. Give the wick about 15 minutes or so to draw the oil up
  6. Light and enjoy!



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    I just picked up 2 nice Patron tequila bottles from the local redemption center yesterday and was pondering what I'd use for the wick holder. This is perfect.

    If you're worried about the heat, you could always use 2 fender washers with an external star lock washer in between to create a thermal break. A copper pipe cap will make a nice cover for the wick when not in use.

    I am not sure to be honest. We have used this same two bottles all last year and are getting ready as it warms up to use it again this year and all seems fine. The heat is only at the very top and that is the thickest part of the glass so I believe it is safe but am no expert. I am able to hold the bottle and move it from place to place while it is lit and I do not feel any heat on my hand.

    Is there a danger of the glass bottle cracking because of the temperature of the flame?

    I really like the fender washer idea

    Thank you - it also help to keep rain out of the bottle and it was very cheap!